David M. Sawaneh

David M. Sawaneh, was born in Sulimania, Koinadugu District in Northern Sierra Leone.

Attended primary and secondary schools in Kabala, Sierra Leone. Upon completion of high school taught grade school as an untrained teacher from 1994 to 1996.

Travelled to Ghana to attend interview to immigrate to the USA, having won the DV lottery in 1996. Visas were unavailable, thus returning to Sierra Leone to ground zero, having sold all valuable belongings.
Immigrated to the US as a refugee in March 2000, received by LIRS, headed by Danielle Kearney, then.

Worked at Embassy Suites Hotel – dish washer/breakfast cook, McDonald’s and Panera Bread:grill/sandwich line, and as ice cream vendor between 2000 and 2004.

Attended Hillsborough Community College for a year then went on to do Practical Nursing at Erwin Technical School and graduated in March 2008. Worked as an LPN since August, 2008.

Brought two of three children to the US at ages two and eight. Brought wife into the US in February 2010. Founded Teneba’s Haven in 2011. Presently working two jobs to ensure activities at Teneba’s Haven are ongoing with the help of COR (Christ Our Redeemer) and board members.