Joseph Mansaray

  • Project Officer

I am Joseph Mansaray born on the 2nd March, 1985, in Kabala Koinadugu District in the Northern Province of British Sierra Leone. I was born into a Christian family in the predominantly Muslim north. I was raised up in a Limba household and a fluent speaker of my parent’s language (Limba and Temne).

My father, Foday Mansaray, worked as a chief cook at the Missionary Church of Africa (MCA) and served as a caretaker at the Kabala Rupp Memorial School (KRMS) for over 25 years.

My primary Education started at the Roman Catholic Primary School in kabala and six years later I proceeded to the capital city Freetown for my Junior and senior secondary education at the St. Edwards Junior Secondary School and the Albert Academy Senior Secondary school respectively. Few years later I started my tertiary education and I am now a graduate from the Milton Margai College of Education and Technology in Freetown with major in Community
Development and Tourism studies. I have worked as field agent, field supervisor, teacher, and project officer for several INGO’s and Local NGOs’ (CRS, Christian in Action SL, EMMAUS Skill training center etc) within the country.

I am married and have a seven years old son. Above all I am a hardworking young man with the fear of God.