Vocational Training Center Updates

November 2020 Updates

We are excited to announce that we now have 3 teachers and 52 students ready to go when Teneba’s Haven Vocational School opens on  Monday, January 4, 2021. We are in need of additional sewing machines (we have 6 simple and 1 designer) and sewing supplies. Please contact us if you can help.

September 2020 Updates

Teneba’s Haven announces job opening for teachers “who are suitably qualified to teach the following subject areas: Tailoring (both theoretical & practical), Literacy & Numeracy and General Paper.

Download the Public Notice.

Download the Application.

January 2020 Updates

We have our initial 6 pedal-driven sewing machines being tested by Miss Isha Daramy (over 25 yrs experience) and her team. Looking forward to an exciting year as we prepare to open our hope-giving vocational institute.

October 2019 Updates

Most recent state of Teneba’s Haven Vocational Bldg. Sample furniture for students’ sitting accommodation.

September 2019 Updates


Interior painting in progress at Teneba’s Haven Vocational School.

August 2019 Updates

Despite continuous heavy rains, our newly hired Joseph is working hard to insure work at the school is ongoing. Please see photos of how the grass almost took over the surrounding building and how the construction of gutters are making a difference.


February 2019 – Updates


Installing face boards and more

January 2019 – Updates


December 2018 Update – Ceiling progress


October 2018 Update – Doors & windows being installed 10/4/18


September 2018 Update – Metal doors & windows being made



August 2018 Update – Mixing Concrete and paving classrooms!

July 2018 Video update

June 2018 Update

May 2018 Update

Gathering stones to fill remaining section of school foundation.

Unloading rocks for remaining portion of foundation. We lost a tire, punctured by a sharp stump.

April 2018 Update

March 2018 Video Update

Construction Progress for January 23, 2018

Land prep – December 2017

Vocational Center vision

Projected for 2018, Teneba’s Haven is working for Vocational Training to be offered in tie dying, embroidering & tailoring. The area was canvassed for possible applicants & the results were overwhelmingly in favor. A site for the school is in the works.  Once trained, materials will be dyed & various clothing will be created for local sales & possibly marketed here in the States. Pedal Driven Sewing Machine costs available upon request. Further info to follow. Donations now being accepted.